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Jewellery Information and Care

Fashion Jewellery
We only source fashion jewellery from suppliers who use metals and materials that are considered hypoallergenic, such as nickel and lead free jewellery. However you should exercise sensible caution and choose pieces carefully if you are, or have been in the past, particularly sensitive to fashion jewellery. For example, fashion earrings may not suit you, so choose sterling silver or gold ear-hooks/posts etc.

Silver and gold Jewellery
Some of our designer jewellery collections use sterling silver and gold. Category/Brand and/or Product descriptions will state sterling silver, 9ct, 18ct gold etc. where applicable. Sterling silver is also sometimes referred to as 925 silver. Our own exclusive Calypso Jewellery uses 925 sterling silver or higher.

Caring for your Jewellery
You can keep your jewellery sparkling and tarnish free by following a few simple steps:-
1) Never spray perfume, deodrants, hairsprays etc. near your jewellery
2) After use, polish with a soft cloth (a specialist silver/gold cloth or glass cloth are ideal)
3) If using proprietary cleaners for silver, gold & gemstone jewellery, always read and follow the instructions carefully!
4) Rather than keeping pieces loose in your jewellery box, it is best to store your jewellery in little individual airtight plastic bags! Gently squeeze the air out and seal. Not very glamorous we know, but incredibly effective!
5) Keep pieces separate to avoid scratches.
6) Avoid excessive exposure to direct sunlight and finally;
7) Treat your jewellery for what it is - precious! For example, ensure clasps are closed properly, do not pull or stretch excessively and be careful of accidental impact with hard surfaces etc.

Gemstones & Pearls - Quality Standards
We source brands who genuinely care about the standard of the gemstones & pearls they use and are concerned with the overall quality and appeal of their jewellery as well as just pricing.
Our own Calypso Jewellery takes great care in selecting it's gemstones and pearls, and sources from some of the best, most experienced suppliers in the business. All are natural and we never use manufactured gems. Where a stronger colour is needed for a particular design, we sometimes use gems where the colour has been enhanced (where heat treatment processes are accepted in the jewellery trade). Particularly where the natural intensity of the gem would prove prohibitively expensive for our customers.
All pearls used in Calypso are freshwater cultured pearls. Particularly bright or colourful ones may have been professionally dyed (again, an accepted practice in the jewellery trade). We choose pearls that have the most attractive shape, colour and lustre (nacre) appropriate to the design and price target.

Prices for all silver, gold, gemstone and pearl jewellery will often reflect the grade and quality of the gemstones used.

Crystal and Glass Beads
Product descriptions will usually state what type of crystal and glass are used. Calypso Jewellery uses only Swarovski crystal and genuine hand-blown glass, handcrafted by top skilled artisans from all over the world, including Murano where stated, which we source directly.

Adjustments and Commissions
We can often resize (i.e. shorten or lengthen) necklaces and bracelets to suit your specific requirements, particularly for our own Calypso collection. Please call us to discuss your requirements and/or special commissions.
Note: prices may adjust to reflect the time involved and additional materials if applicable.

Crystal Toes Illusion Band Toe Rings - Quick Guide
The bands on our toe rings are made of a special stretchable plastic that easily conform to your toe size & is comfortable.
1. To wear, firmly hold the decorated part between your thumb and index finger & with your other hand, gently stretch the band down and roll it on to your toe.
2. If the fit feels too snug, simply hold the decorated part between your thumb and index finger & with your other hand, gently stretch the band a bit. It is important to hold the decorated piece in your other hand when stretching out the band!
3. To take off, grasp the decorated part with your thumb and index finger and gently roll it off of your toe.

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